Deeply tired – body, mind and soul.

Now the gift of an open afternoon! I long for replenishment. To be filled back up.

So what to do? Alone with a book? Coffee with a friend? A nap?

I only have three hours!

It reminds me of the time my sister spent a summer in far-off Siberia. Back in the 90’s before Skype and Facebook and smart phones. She got to call home on an old-fashioned, land-line telephone. For about $1,000 per minute.

“Mom! How are you? What’s the weather like? Wait, don’t answer that. It’s not worth the money.

What did you guys have for dinner? No,no, nevermind.

I really miss Taco Bell…. Aaaaah!

Just tell me the most important thing you can think of before I have to hang up.”

That’s how this open afternoon feels. So rare and expensive! Trying to choose the absolute best activity to fill the time is nerve-wracking.

I open to Psalm 87. “All my springs are in you.”

Those few words bring peace. They ring true.

You satiate me. Quietly. Deeply.

I was parched, and I didn’t even know it. Until I paused. Your Word lights up my path. And Your simple, deep love seeps slowly into my soul.

Thank You for the cool, fresh draught, Jesus.

My thirst is being quenched and sharpened at the same time.

I don’t feel pressure to fill my time with the best thing now. I feel refreshed to the degree that I can hear Your whispers again.

Thank You for these next few minutes with You. I can stay home now or go out. Either way, “All my springs are in you.”


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