It’s Sunday.

And my body and mind are sluggish.

I am remembering to allow the sleepy slowness.

Even the dog is sprawled out in the middle of shoes and baskets of clean laundry that should be put away.

But not today.

If you, Lord, didn’t command me to rest on Sunday, I’m sure I wouldn’t. (I barely remember it today.)

I would keep on going and going and going until the inevitable, inconvenient, poorly-timed crash.

May these contrived hours of enforced stillness shore up energy for the coming week.

Energy for the physical tasks of cooking and cleaning and laundry and driving kids to a hundred places.

Energy to mentally engage as I communicate with clarity, grace and compassion with those I love and serve.

Energy to grow spiritually as I read and listen, fast and pray, aching for Jesus.

So I resist!

I’ll form my work plan tonight and seek wisdom each step of the way.

Monday is like the release of a trigger. Relief to launch into a new week!

Fresh energy.

Renewed hopes and goals.

Hanging on for the ride.

Exhilaration, determination, and a little fear.

But today is Sunday.

And I’m choosing slowness.


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