You Were Made For Eternity

I know you. You get up in the morning and hit the floor running. Lots of responsibility. Nourishing food for the family. Lining up activities that will get the kids off the screens for a little while. Swimming, library, visits with friends, VBS. Keeping their bodies and minds active until school starts again in two more months.

You sound just like me!

And you don’t mind the hustle bustle of the days too much. It’s kind of fun, really. But in your soul you recognize a little ache. A yearning. On behalf of these great kids and your husband and you, really.

There comes the whisper, “You were made for eternity.” And you ache for more substance under girding the pool and the watermelon and evening walks around the block.

“My soul finds rest in God alone.” Psalm 62:1

In the summer craziness it’s hard to find quiet pockets of routine to ground you. That daily half hour to open the Bible and soak in the whispers of God. It seems like just another task on the list until you are there with Him alone as He hydrates your spirit. Back into the fray you go! But with a tinge of quiet power.

And you choose activities with more of an aim at fulfilling the eternal purposes of your family. Or maybe you choose to let go of some activities with that aim.

You read missionary biographies or David Platt as a family. And you pray for people. And, together, you seek His heart for the next step. You sense it’s time to get your hands dirty in service in your community or world. Or you finds ways as a family to give money to a cause that won’t leave your heart. Or you wait expectantly and prayerfully for clear direction.

And the purpose in your heart gives deeper passion and joy to all the other stuff. A vibrant hope surges as you play and plan. A relief to be investing in eternal things. You know that for now and for you, this is what you were made for.

And you hit the pillow at night, thankful to recharge and pour yourself out tomorrow.


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