Who I Am and Why This Blog

Friends!! Now that I have my own little blog space, I’m gonna be crazy. I signed up for WordPress’s Blogging 101 class, so I’m writing my assignments for the next few weeks here. That’s what they told me to do. And it’s pretty much first drafts because I don’t have time to clean them up! Ah!! Publishing a bunch of first drafts!! This is sheer craziness!!! Here goes my first one: Who I Am and Why This Blog.

I am spiritual. I have this constant, low-grade thirst for God. Like the needle of a compass, my heart and mind always gravitate back to Him.

One reason I blog is because I think all humans are spiritual. We all know intrinsically that Someone Bigger exists. And we yearn for Him. So, I write in this context as a fellow human. We are in this together, fellow humans! We are not alone! And if the circumstances of our lives are not the greatest, it’s okay. The real stuff of life, the big picture, is not as concerned with circumstances as with our hearts.

So, being spiritual is my universal thing. What is unique about me?

I’m drinking a cup of coffee right now, and I usually am. Sometimes Diet Coke. I try for the lowest calorie source of caffeine.

We have lived in Colorado for two years now, and I’m still blown away by the beauty. The mountains. The bright white, towering clouds that usually look solid. Sometimes it snows while the sun is out, and it looks like luminous specks of glitter drifting in the sky. I’m always pointing at the sky to my kids. My 8 year old affectionately calls me “tree hugger.” I’m not sure she really knows what that means.

I have four really amazing kids, ages 8-14. I have this marvelous privilege and opportunity to homeschool them. I really can’t imagine not homeschooling them. I love each of them, and I love to be around them. At the same time, I struggle with self-doubt that I might be ruining their lives by homeschooling. I know life is hard, and I should be tough and prepare them accordingly. But, in many areas I’m as soft as marshmallow. For example, “I’ll give you a jelly belly for each line of cursive.” Sigh.

I am married to this hunky, heckuva husband. My opposite, of course!! Really, don’t people always marry their opposites? We were so excited to show people how marriage should be done when we got married 18 years ago. We are humbled now!! It’s hard!! To turn our “oppositeness” into a marriage where we celebrate each other’s strengths and complement each other’s weaknesses… we are learning!!

Why have I decided to blog publicly, and not just keep a personal journal? What a great question!!

I have contributed to a homeschool blog for almost a year now, and I’m surprised at how having a public expression of my writing has kept me accountable. I like to write. I think it’s therapeutic for me personally. I often don’t know what’s lurking in my head and heart until I struggle to find words to type on the computer.

But, the tyranny of the urgent would easily squelch the effort. I have to get up before the kids in order to have a bit of quietness to transcribe the quiet murmurs of my soul. It’s worth it to me. I doubt that there will ever be a season where I have lots of free time to write as much as I want. So, I’m glad for the opportunity to take the plunge as best I can right now.

So, yes, it’s free therapy. But, also, if anyone does read my words, maybe they will connect. My fellow humans!! And realize that we’re all in this life together. We are not alone.


4 thoughts on “Who I Am and Why This Blog

  1. It’s always better to blog a messy first draft than to “edit” yourself into no posts at all! (Something we’ve all done I think) I love your voice. Can’t wait to read more.


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